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I decided to add this collection as a separate listing, although several of the books are listed elsewhere in the site. This is where very large, comprehensive treatments of an entire subject or discipline will be collected. These aren't the type of references you'll consult all the time, most likely, but it's important to know where they can be found anytime the mood strikes.

[All publications are downloadable as PDF files.]
Please note the number of pages in a reference before deciding whether to print it!
Reference Work
Larry Ross Norred, ASCAP
learn to spell chords and chord scales in any key; advanced modes for all keys, dozens of chord substitutions and their guidelines.
Christopher Matthew Grey
a very well planned and executed study of correct fingering in both chording and single note playing. Highly recommended, regardless of skill level.
Nick Minnion
an exhaustive, very complete work that defines not only standard musical terms, directions, etc., but also modes, scales, chord names, etc.
Khan Manuel
a huge work; clearly much effort went into this. It's a good, solid treatise on the myriad of techniques necessary for a good jazz player. Probably could have said the same things in about half the space - but it's all there!
Guitar Training 197 Wolfgang Kulawik What an incredible learning site!! Not only are all 200 pages crammed with valuable tips, scales, chords, etc., but interspersed throughout are links to short video clips, mp3 audio clips, small additional windows with further's just perfectly conceived. INCREDIBLE!!
a highly-visual chord encyclopedia, including many variations and inversions of all chords and even several example progressions using that chord to effect
Dirk Laukens (
A great encyclopedia of jazz chords, including their derivations, common tones with other related chords in a progressions, etc.
Marc Sabatella
this Internet classic first appeared in 1992, and has been continuously and expertly ,maintained by its author, a professional jazz pianist. If it isn't in here, you probably don't need it!
a compilation of the hundreds of lessons their site had published over the years, intuitively indexed so that finding specific tidbits is trivial.
Michael Morangelli
Arguably the best all-around guide to jazz theory available on the Internet. It is so complete, so exquisitely detailed, that it's as close to perfect as I can remember seeing.
nice, succinct summary of the basic techniques all guitarists should know, includes alternate picking, hammer-ons, tremolo, etc., etc.
Joel Whitburn
This behemoth had to be included, for the sake of completeness.


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