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This is the repository of links from the front page - any section - that have "aged off", but I wanted them to continue to be accessible. Many of these pieces are of general interest, some may appeal more to specialists, but they're here for anyone who wishes to see what's been featured in the past. Of course, all of these items are covered in the Site Index, giving another way to search the archive.

Like the items that first appear on the index page, some of the following links point toward pages of my own; more often they lead to outside sites.

Items are in Reverse Chronological Order; i.e., latest links are at the top.
Item (& link)
The Guitar Dater Project Want to date your guitar? Check out this great utility, which aims to include all manufacturers before it's over. So far, they cover Gibson, Fender, Epiphone, Ibanez, and "pot code reader", where you enter the number stamped on any potentiometer in your guitar. Very nice!
Rolling Stone Readers Choose the Worst Cover Songs of All Time! Nothing is more painful to listen to than a terrible cover song. Take that Limp Bizkit cover of The Who's "Behind Blue Eyes." Not only is it terrible even by the standards of Limp Bizkit, but it makes it hard to ever hear the original again. Halle Berry appeared in the video, right around the time she agreed to star in that Catwoman movie. Look what happened to her career after that. Anyway, here are your selections for the worst cover songs of all-time. Brace yourselves.
Happy 70th Birthday,
Paul Simon!
He's been such a prolific composer and performer for the past 40 years that Wikipedia has a separate entire entry, apart from his biographical details, called "Paul Simon discography"!
Joe Pass! Recently, the GP Series called "XX Things You Gotta Do To Play Like [guitarist]" featured the late, great Joe Pass! This is cool in itself, but the tune that they dissect is Joe's take on Satin Doll, from his album Portraits of Duke Ellington, possibly his finest interpretation. The commentary is great and the tabs 100% accurate (I know; I've been working with this solo for quite awhile).
Summer NAMM 2011
Show Report
From Guitar Player, a slideshow-style diary of Barry Cleveland, who represented GP throughout the show (tough gig). Although not as huge as the winter Namm events, there are great things here, too!
Beatles Photo Auction In summer 2011, a hitherto-unknown series of 16 photos of the Beatles from their 1964 USA (first) tour were made public with the announcement that they'd be auctioned at Christie's in New York. On July 18, they were sold at many times anyone's estimates, fetching over $360,000! (I'll save you the trouble - it's >$22,500 each.)
Jeff Beck's Doctor of Music degree On Thursday, July 21, Jeff Beck was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Music degree by the University of Sussex, following his nomination for the honour by BIMM, the UK's leading rock college. Here's the announcement from the college. It was to be streamed live on the University's graduation site, so I'm surprised that it's not yet on YouTube.
On 8/12, Pat Metheny turned 56! MOJA radio is doing a tribute all week; they do a phenomenal job on this kind of thing, so turn on MOJA (it's free)! You'll not only appreciate Pat's incredible jazz career, but become familiar with one of the very best internet streaming radio stations.
10 favorite Bob Dylan songs The newest Rolling Stone readers' poll
The Lost Beatles Photos
Rare Shots From 1964-1966, from Rolling Stone
52nd Monterey Jazz Festival
At the 52nd Monterey Jazz Festival, three-quarters of the stellar fusion band Return to Forever shared a single stage. They are Chick Corea, Stanley Clarke and Lenny White on piano, bass and drums, respectively. I'll have to confirm this, but I suspect DiMeola wasn't there since he's locked into a long tour in Europe and the East. Anyway, check out this hour-long clip of the trio, courtesy of NPR! It's much more traditional and less like fusion than Return to Forever.
There's a great new site for searching the web for anything musical! Called MusicSites.net, major search categories include Artists, Concerts, Genres, Lyrics, Online Magazines, etc. Here's their sitemap. Take a look!
Guitarists to Emulate! This marks the inaugural installment of a periodic feature of this site, called Guitarists To Emulate! We'll feature guitarists who are very well-known, on the way up, or essentially a new talent. The startoff guitarist is Guthrie Govan, the most exciting new jazz-fusion guitarist in decades!
The 40 Most Influential
Rock Guitar Solos
Guitar Player has just published the results of their survey designed to identify The 40 Most Influential Rock Guitar Solos. The list is in chronological order, which is cool (starting with Elmore James' Dust My Broom in 1951), and at the end is a nice player which gives you 30 seconds of any solo.
MOJA One of the great online jazz radio stations, MOJA (from MOdernJAzz), is calling this week "AL DI MEOLA WEEK", with great, free features all week. It culminates on Al's 57th birthday - Friday, July 22. I've been a MOJA subscriber for years, and it's the best.
Interview with Sir Paul McCartney A recent issue of Guitar Player features a 2005 interview with Sir Paul McCartney, just prior to beginning work on his 20th post-Beatle album. It was produced by Nigel Godrich, a top British producer whom Sir George Martin suggested for the project.
Mahavishnu Project Interviews with John McLaughlin are available, here, here, and here! There's also a Mahavishnu Orchestra tribute band, called the Mahavishnu Project, about whom McLaughlin himself has written some very complimentary things.
Who Plays What Want to know what gear a certain guitarist uses?? In the √úberproaudio.com site is a page called "Who Plays What". It's a compilation of highly detailed information about the gear/rig used by a whole lot of guitarists - 566 of them!
Dads Who Rock! a cool 39-slide show of fathers who are current rock stars!
Al DiMeola's new website totally redesigned web site from the current premier jazz fusion guitarist going today. He's even more popular in the rest of the world than he is in the US - check out where some of his gigs are!
101 Greatest Moments in
Guitar History 1968-1971
If you were musically sentient then, you're gonna love this!
A link to NPR's coverage of the event, including both an audio link and the transcript of the piece. Very nicely done.
GearSecure.net "is a company dedicated to prevention of loss to theft and accident for musicians, music businesses and music retailers."
DiMeola Interview Although short, it's much better than the usual interviews in that they discuss current and future trends. Mentions many of Al's past musical projects and collaborations.
Jazz24.org The internet jazz radio station Jazz24.org just compiled a list of the "100 Quintessential Jazz Songs", chosen by Jazz24 listeners and staff.
The section dedicated to Les Paul upon his death in 2009. Lots of photos, obits from newspapers around the world, quotes from musicians everywhere, etc.

A series of images of gold Les Pauls, from 1952 (the first year) to the present..

Mike Slubowski
Guitar Collection 2010
The source of most of the images I used in the "Historical Parade". Mike seems to be a collector of great seriousness; his buying rate has actually increased wirh time!
The Museum of
Musical Instruments
"gives people a unique opportunity to examine, explore, and experience the finest examples of 19th and 20th Century musical instruments. Hank Risan and Bianca Soros established MoMI in early 2000, choosing to build a virtual museum to reach the largest possible audience of music lovers throughout the world."

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