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I've been thinking about a feature like this for awhile; what got me going was Guthrie Govan's being the cover story in the current Guitar Player (July 2011), and few of my friends (other than those I've been telling about Govan for a year) knew who he is!

Obviously, the section, by definition, is rife with subjectivity, as these guys are musicians who *I* copy solos and licks from. But glancing over the small selection above, you can see that I haven't pulled up someone totally off the wall...yet. Don't like my selections? Want to suggest alternatives? Tell me!

[6/26/11] The first Featured Guitarist is Guthrie Govan, a Brit who just turned 40 this month. His jaw-dropping technique, interspersed with enough shred-era tools to illustrate what can be done when you don't rely on them, and knowledge of theory make him one of the most formidable guitarists to come along for a long time. Please check him out!

Guitarist (& link)
Chelmsford, Essex, England