"Jazz is supposed to be the most unselfish of art forms...you give yourself completely to make somebody else play their best. You try to do something to make them, inspire them to do something. So it is a matter of sacrifice."
- Dizzy Gillespie, on approaching music with respect
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    I appreciate your visit! This site features a large, diverse collection of links to virtually anything a guitarist would want to find on the internet (including an excellent instructor!).
   The fastest way to become familiar with the resources here is probably to see the sitemap, in which all topics are linked.
   Updated at least daily, this site will continue to expand as new sites appear, new topics are generated, and existing topics are updated.

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Howard in Champaign, IL - on Maynard Lake in Southwest Champaign, IL

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My Guitars*
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A-1959 Les Paul - best LP I've *ever* played; B-2010 Les Paul (only 8 lbs!); C-1954 Les Paul VOS reissue (and PLEKed); D-2002 Ovation Al DiMeola model with EQ and notch control; E-1972 Les Paul custom with Humbuckers; F-Joe Pass model Epiphone; G-1948 Gibson L-11 ; H-1977 Hall of Fame Les Paul with P-90's; I-1970 Ovation deep bowl Legend; J-Paul Reed Smith with P-90s; K-1968 Hall of Fame Les Paul with Seymour-Duncan pickups; L-Les Paul Jr.; M-Les Paul Jr.; N-1984 white Les Paul Std. w/whammy bar; O-1985 "The Paul"; P-1980 Fender Jazz Bass; Q-Les Paul "TV" edition; R-Ovation Legend (Model 1777); S-Schecter Diamond series 7-string; T-Peavey Predator 7-string.
*Several guitars have been added since this page was created, and will be incorporated into the above shortly.
**Les Paul "N" has a prototype new whammy bar!

For several much more artistic renditions of my axes, please check out "Guitar Art"!
Still feeling right-brained? Here's a very unique 3D slideshow of my collection.

Latest News and Timely Facts! [please click to expand or collapse] [last update: 12/27/2012]

This Week in Rock & Roll History Here are the Births, Deaths and Events this week in Rock 'n' Roll History!

Current Music News from National Public Radio

NPR Has just published a very cool piece on the musicians lost in 2012. Check it out!

     Al DiMeola just confirmed an old rumor that when Jaco Pastorius recorded "Suite Golden Dawn" on Al's first solo album, Land of the Midnight Sun, it was the first time Jaco had ever recorded in a studio! Jaco's father also confirms this. Wow.

     Another survey - Guitar Player wants to know who the best 50 rhythm players are!

    Rolling Stone just published the results of two very interesting polls: the Top Ten Bassists of All Time, and the Top Ten Drummers of All Time. I, for one, think RS readers blew it on both polls. How 'bout you?

     10 Greatest-Ever Rhythm Guitarists From Gibson this time, a poll sure to generate massive disagreement. See if you agree!

Rolling Stone doesn't have a monopoly on "Best Of" lists, of course; Gibson has just published their "50 Best Cover Songs" (chosen by Gibson staff) and the readers' poll results for the "25 Best Cover Songs". No real surprises, but some nasty choices! They also feature a section called "Live and Dangerous: The Top 10 Live Albums of the Rock Era"!

[items which have aged off are archived here]

The Rolling Stone "Best Ever" Lists [please click to expand or collapse]

Regular readers of Rolling Stone magazine know of their fondness for conducting polls to find out what the members of their huge readership are thinking, particularly about which [whatever] is the best of [time span].

Some categories have a hint regarding the #1 item in each list. Can you guess who was #1 in each?

100 Best Albums of the 2000s
you'll never guess..

    Do you enjoy music polls like those conducted by Rolling Stone? If so, you'll love the recently-added pages covering the results of various R.S. polls over the past decades. Many surprises, as well as lots of enjoyable time, are guaranteed! Just mouseover the menu bar over "Music", and you'll see a new #2 item: "Rolling Stone Polls"!

Important Information About Site Organization [please click to expand or collapse]

    I have been compiling and updating the links in this site for years, mainly as collections of bookmarks, to aid me in my own development as a musician and particularly as an instructor. Currently, the site's organization is as follows (made to follow along the menu bar). The all-caps RED words are on the menu bar, italicized, light blue) words represent sections under that menu bar item:

ABOUT ME - my own history, equipment, and influences;
- guitarists' web pages, musician online communities, common musician injuries, music databases, and healthcare providers specializing in musician problems;
MUSIC - MP3 selections
from prior projects, Rolling Stone polls, radio stations, Jazz from the Past;
SOURCES - guitars, amps, publications, equipment, music, lyrics, tablature, transcriptions, etc.;
the many ways to meet and jam with others, including Guitarist Communities;
MUSICIANSHIP - guitar schools, theory, lessons, practicing, technique, improvisation, chord melodies, chord substitution,
and musical fluency;
everything you need to care for your instrument; also features sections on Luthiers and on the new PLEK technology;
contains all handouts (PDF), links, etc. used throughout the site;
functions exactly like that in a book, except that you turn to the desired page much more quickly! This is a trial run, since I've never seen one of these before on a web site. What do you think?

HEY! Would you like the above list as a small, separate window that can remain open while you're getting accustomed to the menu bar? Well, then, click here! There's also a link called "menu guide", above the menu bar, that will give you the same window.

I really urge you to spend a little tile perusing the Site Index. It lists many items whose links are found either nowhere else, or can be difficult to run across. This mainly pertains to items which have lost their timeliness but not their relevancy (such as the passing of Les Paul in 2009). You might be pleasantly surprised at the items that lurk among the other links...

    This may be stating the obvious, but just to prevent any possible misunderstandings, I get no compensation of any kind for maintaining this site and have no financial interest in any vendors whose links many appear here. To learn more about who I am and why this site is important please click here.

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